About Daff No 3

To me, a daffodil is a flower which makes a statement. It states that spring has arrived and this because they are normally one of the first flowers to flower. There is a small patch near to my local park which always seems to have the first daffodils of the year.

I wanted to capture the flower in the similar style to my painting Tulip No 8.  The strong form of the daffodil lends itself to be painted. Putting a bright coloured background gives the painting energy and a contemporary feel.

I began to paint creating many paintings. I also tried out different coloured backgrounds, however, the red seemed to work the best. Placing the red down first, I then painted the flower. The blue colour acts as a shadow compared to the opposing white which is the highlight colour. I wanted to limit my colour palette as this would make the artwork more modern, but also allow for the primary colours to merge by chance creating secondry colours.  

The paintings are done in one go as once it has dried it cannot be changed. This is why there were many numbered takes of the same piece and I selected this one, the best one from many.

This one it a favourite flower painting as the form of the daffodil is strong but simple. Instantly recognisable.

Acrylic on canvas board. 5 x 7 inches. Completed 2018. Sold to a private collection.

Daff No 3

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