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I was looking through a cruise brochure which came through the post. As I was looking through it, it made me think about why people want to escape on a cruise, or more specifically why they want to go on holiday. The question of what people in the city like to do on holiday and whether eventually in the over populated future, there would be other forms of local escape. I've created an example in small high street huts. Here people can go to escape and for example visit the beach.

As working on how to represent this idea went on I found that it could be also a reflection on escaping ones life. That mental space where people go to relax or unwind.

I thought that the city with a lot going on would be a good place to start describing this idea. The idea was to create the city (the chaotic mind or life) with the place people mentally escape to (a virtual reality beach in a hut). Colouring everyone grey would also make the escape box stand out. I added rain for more interest and to enhance the contrast between the beach in the hut and the dullness outside.

I like the way this painting has turned out. Its journey as a painting was also interesting and I'm sure there's more to explore in regards to escapism, holidaying and future landscapes.

Acrylic on wood. 10 x 8 inches. Completed 2018. Currently on exhibition.

Escape Here

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