About From Here To There

This was a painting that came really from the blue. It was a brief spark of inspiration, working and looking at maps. I was thinking about the journey between certain towns. The process of travelling and moving between them. How much work is put into this process and how does one feel when travelling.

This gave me an idea, whether I could represent this journey in a artistic form.

I began to do paint sketches (painting ideas on paper) to come up with a good communication of this idea. After a few ideas I settled with this one. The start of the journey is in the bottom left corner. Following the line of the brush it takes the viewers eye up and down, just like the trip in real life. The line also changes colours, which could also represent mood, excitement or boredom.  Its combination of graph like form or cartographic imagery makes it more interesting.

I like the idea behind this abstract expressionist painting. I like how it turned out. Simple but a complex idea which could be expanded in the future.

Acrylic on paper. 10 x 8 inches. Completed 2019.

The original of this painting is for sale. To find out more, please view my price list.

From Here To There

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