About Funk Y

The project started while listening to music on Youtube. As the Youtube autoplay changes it randomly switched onto a video to do with instrumental 60's to 80's funk music. I've always liked music and found funk to be a style which catches my attention.

I thought it could be a nice idea to capture the sounds and feelings of the funk music onto a canvas. The month before, I had been experimenting with abstract shapes and exploring painting in a different way. This combination of shapes and colours seemed to be an interesting method.

I applied this method to the funk music. As I listened, I painted roughly where the shapes were to go. Listening to the rhythm, speed, intonation and feeling, I translated this into the pattern. Its only later that I found that it started to look like camouflage, which was an odd comparison. I wanted to use a minimal colour palette as too many colours I think would have made the piece too chaotic.

As I was painting, I was surprised at the time it took to generate the shapes accurately. To cleanly finish them so they looked good and keep the piece tidy.

It’s a really interesting piece of expressionism. I like the way there are so many different shapes and to me definitely captures the funk groove and vibe.

Acrylic on canvas. 23 x 16.5 inches. Completed 2019.

The original of this painting is for sale. To find out more, please view my price list.

Funk Y

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