About Idea Spark

This is a painting in a series looking at emotions. I've worked off the idea that the process of having an emotion can be broken down into 3 parts, the beginning, middle and end. This one looks at the beginning of having an idea (that sudden rush/spark of an idea).

I thought it would be a nice idea to capture these thoughts and would be interesting to see how each painting differs in the series, depending on the emotion.

To me, the idea spark to me is an explosive concept. One that shoots from your mind without a moment to lose. When having a new idea, I see the process as a sudden one. There are many things to think about and this excitement drives the different colours and forms. The heat from the idea has been reflected in the painting by using bright warm colours. The black background is the empty mind before the idea arrives. Strong lines coming from the point of the idea give movement to the piece and reinforce the explosiveness.

I found taking the photograph quite a challenge as the nature of the acrylic reflects a lot of light and some areas became over exposed. I managed to resolve this later, using photo editing tools on the computer.

I believe the painting has captured that explosive concept. I look forward to exploring more into emotion and how to represent them.

Acrylic on canvas. 16 x 16 inches. Completed 2018.

The original of this painting is for sale. To find out more, please view my price list.

Idea Spark

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