About Life Omits One

I was exploring the processes of life, thinking about how things work. Even though at many times a person would like to be with others, at the end of the day they are actually one body on their own journey through life. This idea of acceptance of ones solo journey was an interesting idea.

I decided to put this idea into a visualisation. So, I could understand it better and help others to see the process.

I considered the best options to describe this idea. I could have gone a lot more abstract but I wanted others to be able to understand it. This restricted me to use a more realist style. However, I always knew that the picture would be quite surreal. I saw this process as being at a theme park. Ready to ride the metaphorical rollercoaster of life. However, you have to ride it alone. The entrance to the rollercoaster only allows one person. There are also noone else in the image that can be seen to help. I used a cartoon version of myself as a character to express the idea.

I think its a really interesting painting as it starts out as a general reflection on life. It then becomes deeper the more you think about the painting, challenging your own ideas on the world.

Acrylic on wood. 10 x 8 inches. Completed 2019. Currently on exhibition.

Life Omits One

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