About Quayside

On a trip out to a local quay, I discovered the quaint fishing boats and quayside. The old buildings behind and bright red boat caught my attention. I liked the colours of the harbour and the boat. The tranquillity of the harbour gives the painting a relaxing feel.

I thought that this image would make a nice painting. There is interest in the boat and riggings along with the water.

There was a lot of detail in the original photograph, including a market on the quayside. I decided it would be best to be selective with this picture. I kept the key elements the boat and buildings and reduced the amount happening on the quayside. I left the buildings in the distance with a more of a sketchy feel as this helps to give extra expression and distance.

Getting the reflection in the water was interesting as the water was so green. The reflected light onto the boat and the reflection of the building was something I kept checking to get right.

The result is a specially crafted memory of that trip and a unique view of a quay.

Acrylic on canvas. 12 x 8 inches. Completed 2019.

The original of this painting is for sale. To find out more, please view my price list.


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