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About Idea Spark

This is a painting in a series looking at emotions. This one focuses on the feeling of suddenly getting a new idea. I've aimed for the start of the feeling of an idea, as the development of an emotion can be broken down into 3 parts. The beginning, middle and end. I have aimed to represent this concept of what a beginning of an idea feels like in a painting form. The forms, colours and scale are all considered.

Firstly, the idea spark to me is an explosive concept. One that shoots into your mind without a moment to lose. I've chosen to represent this through using these colours and forms to create this explosive representation. The movement of line and shape gives the feeling of this.
The small colour palette has been chosen to minimise complexity and increase readability of the painting. Within a new idea, I see it as there are suddenly many things to think about and this excitement drives the different colours. The black background is the empty mind before the idea arrives.


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