About Swans On The River

Winter doesn't always have to be sad and cold. I saw this scene at a local river and thought that it could make a good painting. Looking from a bridge, it looks down the river towards a weir.

I started with the background adding the sky and making sure the light looked right. Secondly, came the background trees, in a mauve colour. The lighter the background trees are the more distant they become.  I worked towards the viewpoint, the foreground trees were next and eventually I added the swans and reflections.

I found there were several set backs with this painting. Half way though I believed it wasn't working and needed to have a break. When I came back to it several months later, I realised that it was ok and just needed some extra bits to make it great.

I also had a decision to make in regards to the water style. I decided to put this out onto Facebook for supporters to decide. The majority voted for a calm style, so I continued with that.

The outcome is something magical. It captures the atmosphere of the winter river and feeling of calm. I'm pleased with the finished painting.

Acrylic on canvas . 14 x 18 inches. Completed 2019. Sold to a private collection.

Swans On The River

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