About Tulip No 8

I'd been working on a few different ideas, experimenting with inverting colours and using a simple palette. It was spring and the flowers had just started to come up. I think this is a nice feeling as its a sign that the long dark winter is coming to a close.

I wanted to capture this feeling with the new techniques I had been working on. The tulips seemed like a good way to do this. The painting only uses 4 colours and the rest relies creating new colours by overlapping them.

I began to paint creating many paintings. I also tried out different coloured backgrounds, however, the red seemed to work the best. Placing the red down first, I then painted the flowers.

The paintings are done in one go as once it has dried it cannot be changed. This is why there were many numbered takes of the same piece and I selected this one, the best one from many.

I really like the alternative colours as this gives it a contemporary theme. The expressive bright colour also capture the excitement of the spring season arriving.

Acrylic on paper. 10 x 8 inches. Completed 2018. Sold to a private collection.

Tulip No 8

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