About Underpass

This painting was from a photograph I took when walking through some local gardens. It was early morning and the sun was just coming up. As I walked through the park taking different photos, I saw the beauty in this image. The light was breaking through the heavily crowded skyline, lighting up the underside of the carriageway. The underpass is dark, with graffiti and not a nice place to stick around.

I wanted to paint this as to me was also a metaphor, that light can reach the darkest of places.

I started putting the main shapes, such as the carriageway. Then I began with the detail in the background and bushes. The tree on the left was one of the last things to do.

I found that I needed to keep the painting bright and not get sucked into using too many dark colours. I did this by making sure there was a good contrast between light and dark. Extenuating the incoming light and the highlights on the ground helped to do this.

The painting has turned out just as I hoped and its captured the atmosphere of the place. Now this place isn't so scary after all!

Acrylic on canvas. 8 x 12 inches. Completed 2018. Sold to a private collection.


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