Peter Dorey creator and fine artist, paints regularly on canvases using a range of materials. Dorey has worked on pet portraits in the past but now focuses on creating modern art based from music, experiences or people. His highly conceptual work and design allows him to experiment with abstract subjects such as psychology and peoples though processes. Whether it was for your wall or a picture just to hang, his work has sold throughout the UK. He enjoys creating fine arts,along with doing some arts and craft work.

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Peter Dorey’s passion for art has started from a young age. During childhood, he was encouraged to do many creative activities and explore different artistic avenues. By his teens, he was interested in digital art forms, such as creating computer games, animation and film. He went to art college to study art and design and then went onto university to read Landscape Architecture. During this time, he discovered abstract art. After a spell of using different mediums, he realised that he wanted to concentrate on becoming a visual artist, focusing mostly on painting. Today, he has an art studio where he paints regularly. His work has sold throughout the UK and Peter continues to exhibit.

Inspired by people, music and experiences, Peter takes these influences and turns them into artworks. His latest work focuses on developing conceptual ideas. Currently, he is exploring how to best represent mental processes and thoughts. This interests him for its challenge, taking an abstract concept and turning it into a visual representation.

The abstract expressionist work allows Peter to connect with the canvas directly, allowing the audience to feel the result without edit.

Peter has his latest up to date art on his social media pages. Please see the links below for his Facebook and Twitter pages. or  pdoreyart

Peter Dorey

Art Studio

Peter Dorey Art Studio, Home

Peter Dorey is a British artist and painter based in Dorset, England. His work focuses on realist and impressionist scenes. The artworks tend to have a distinctive bright and colourful style.
Peter is inspired by the local landscape and places he has visited.  This passion and love for art generates artworks which have appeal to a wide audience. In some paintings, he looks for the feeling and emotion, others are based on an idea or can be just in the interest of beauty.   

He is a self taught painter and has lots of art and design education experiences.
This encompasses studying product design, landscape architecture, animation, graphic design, computer game design and more.

Widely collected, his paintings and prints have sold throughout the United Kingdom.



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